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Communication Blueprint Course

Get all the insights about communication skills in just 1 day. This is a great way to learn and gain confidence quickly. Join this quick course and gain confidence in your communication skills. Available for a limited time.

This course is for you if:-

# You are an aspiring working professional

# Want to attract more career opportunities

# Want to improve your communication skills

# Want to know how to speak with confidence

# Looking for a community and career-based learning

Communication Blueprint Course

The quick course to improve your communication skills.

Learn how to create an impact in your life and career by improving your communication skills.

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What you will learn in this course?

This course is designed for those people who feel stuck in their careers due to poor communication skills and do not know where to start. Communication is not just speaking in English, it is way more than that. This is a fast-track course which will uncover the secrets of Confident personalities. It has crisp, focused yet powerful content which will take less time but create a greater impact on your Communication skills. In just 1 course you will learn, how to become a confident communicator. This is one of its own kind of quick course which will help you to get a quick result. But, remember you need to practice every day after learning the core principles of communication skills. 

Practice is the key to success in the game of communication. It is like a muscle-building exercise which needs a daily routine of constant practice.

Do not miss to check the additional bonuses given below on this page that come with this exclusive course. 

What is the Communication Blueprint Course all about?

This course is all about bringing awareness about your Communication Style in a very short period! So if you are:-

  • Tired of feeling nervous or uncertain while speaking in front of others
  • Want to improve your speech, 
  • Feeling overwhelmed with endless content and videos on YouTube and the internet
  • Wish to know the secret formula to increase confidence,
  • Willing to overcome the thinking of self-doubt
  • Want to know the easiest and quickest path with crisp knowledge,
  • Want to grow in your job and career with the help of Communication Skills
  • Want to create an impact at work or in the eyes of management with Strong Communication skills,

If your answer is YES for all the above situations, this course is perfect for you. 

By the end of the course, you'll gain a new level of understanding about communication skills that will make you communicate more effectively in both your personal and professional life. You'll have a better understanding of core communication concepts, and you'll be able to act with clarity. Plus, you'll have access to a range of resources and tools to bring more opportunities in your career. 

During the course, you'll get small activities designed to help you develop your skills of communicating with others and building your confidence. In the course, Divyesh Dave will guide you to uncover the layers of communication skills.

Gain course access today!

How will this course help you?

You will learn all the key fundamentals and core principles, bringing a deeper understanding and awareness about the importance of Communication Skills in your career. Check the following Curriculum: -

Course Introduction
  • Introduction and vision behind this course
  • Untitled Chapter
All About Communication
  • Why Communication is the key to success?
  • Where we communicate?
  • What are the major Types of communication?
Importance of Communication in Career
  • What are the opportunities comes with good communication skills?
Explore more about communication skills
  • What is Verbal Communication?
  • How to get Command over language especially "English"?
  • Difference between Skill Acquisition vs Skill Learning
How to improve four areas of communication?
  • How to improve Listening abilities?
  • How to Improve Reading with quick steps?
  • Quick Ways to Improve your Writing confidence?
  • How to become more confident In Speaking?
Life changing learning concepts
  • What is the art of Non-Verbal Communication?
  • What is the future of Communication?
  • How you can become Confident Communicator - Quick Steps?
What's Next
  • How to quick start your learning from here?

Meet Your Guide And Coach

Hi, I am Divyesh Dave

( English Communication and Career Coach)

I am Divyesh Dave. Business accountant and corporate professional for the last 15+ years and coach by passion. I have developed a unique learning strategy with my own learning experience. It helped me to grow in my career nationally and internationally. I have gained enormous experience in multiple MNCs worldwide. 

I am a certified TESOL Canada communication coach for working professionals. This unique dual qualification makes me eligible to be your guide and helps me to bring a quick solution to all my learners and community members. 

What do our community members speak?

Hear what they are saying about the learning journey.

Swatantra Ojha

Hospitality Manager

It’s my pleasure to join The Communication Club by Divyesh Dave. Such a Great Platform to learn and Enhance Communication Skills.

Noopur Bagmar


It’s a great experience here in our Communication Club group. This Community helped me to overcome my hidden fears and shyness.

Shilpa Dhamale

Accounts Professional

This Course is Very helpful. In one month I started feeling really Confident. Divyesh Sir takes one topic and explained it in a very easy manner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to finish this course?

This course is designed with quick learning of 1-2 Hours. You can finish it in one day, but we request you to make notes of all the learnings and take your time.

2. When I will get the course access?

You will get immediate access as soon as you go to checkout, use the Free discount code and signup. 

3. How will this course help me as a student?

This course is designed for young people and working professionals. It will help you to get the core principles required to become a Confident Communicator. This course will also help you to know the career opportunities that comes with good communication skills.

4. Does this course come with lifetime access?

This course does not come with lifetime access. We believe in action-oriented learning. If you do not take action while learning this course, there is no sense in keeping it for a lifetime. The access will be valid for 30 days, after that it will be paid course.

5. Who should take this course?

This course is designed for young executives and working professionals who are busy and have less time but need quality course content. 

6. What is the format of lessons and lectures?

We provide you with pre-recorded video lessons along with a pdf guide and mini-assignments after each session. 

7. What kind of support I will get?

We have a dedicated VIP Facebook group, Telegram Channel and Whatsapp group to support you in this learning journey. You will get basic email support. Usually, it takes 12-24 hours to reply by the team for your query. You will also get an additional bonus as a live masterclass. Links to that masterclass will be shared with you in dedicated groups.

8. Is this course Free for a lifetime?

This course is Free as of now. It will be a paid course soon so you may lose the opportunity to get it absolutely Free. Do not wait, join it now.

9. Is there any additional bonus for students?

We believe in helping you in all possible ways. We are focused on community-based career-oriented learning. We will be so happy to serve you as our valuable community member. Yes, you will also get additional bonuses with this course like, our exclusive course "English Confidence Bootcamp", An Ebook - "Quick Guide to Become Confident Communicator", Lifetime access to our VIP Group, and A "Live Masterclass" specially designed for new learners. All bonuses you will get in the form of courses.

10. How it is different from other online courses?

Sure, we would love to answer this. Most of the courses are based on very basic knowledge when it comes to Free courses. But we focus on quick, crisp and action-oriented learning. At the end of the day, the result of using this confidence in your career matters a lot. That is why we have designed community and career-based learning which usually other courses do not provide. Our community is India's fastest-growing community of confident communicators - The Communication Club®. Check our website - thecommunicatinclub.in.

Additional Bonuses you will get in the community

English Confidence Bootcamp

₹4999  ₹ Free

Ebook - Quick Guide to become confident Communicator

₹499  ₹ Free

VIP Community Access (Lifetime)

₹24999  ₹ Free

Start learning today and improve your Communication skill

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