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11 Ways to become a Confident Communicator

A quick read to get all the required steps to become a fluent and confident communicator in today's era of information. Today getting information is so easy but it should be focused on results. This EBook brings practical yet easily implementable pointers to you. 

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This EBook is for you if:-

# You are an aspiring working professional

# Prefer reading over watching videos

# Want to know the quick strategies for growth

# Wish to get pointer-style learning

# Want to get easy daily steps in pdf format

11 Ways to become a Confident Communicator

30 Minutes-45 Minutes read for learners.

A quick guide to improving communication skills in the 21st century using digital tools and techniques.

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What will you learn in this EBook?

This is an EBook but not a course. In this ebook, you will learn from my story. How I have overcome my fear of being a shy back office executive to a confident and fluent English Communicator. 

You will learn what is the exact game of confidence in communication and the core principles to improve your communication skills. The best part is "11 quick ways" to become a confident communicator. These are very simple, yet powerful ways to improve your communication skills on day to day basis. With very little effort, anyone can improve their communication skills, if they have the will to work hard on their skill development.

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How will this EBook help you?

Reading is always a superpower. Readers are leaders. When you read you get some life-changing ideas which will help you to transform your lives. It can be easily downloaded and read on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and pdf book readers, making it accessible at any time and place. This ebook is informative and inspiring. By reading this ebook, you'll get motivated to take action and make positive changes in your life. Read the EBook.

  • eBook - 11 Ways to Communicate with Confidence

Meet Your Guide And Coach

Hi, I am Divyesh Dave

( English Communication and Career Coach)

I am Divyesh Dave. Business accountant and corporate professional for the last 15+ years and coach by passion. I have developed a unique learning strategy with my own learning experience. It helped me to grow in my career nationally and internationally. I have gained enormous experience in multiple MNCs worldwide. 

I am a certified TESOL Canada communication coach for working professionals. This unique dual qualification makes me eligible to be your guide and helps me to bring a quick solution to all my learners and community members. 

What do our community members speak?

Hear what they are saying about the learning journey.

Deepak Kakkar

Chartered Accountant

Recently, I joined The Communication Club. The wonderful platform where Divyesh sir has adopted a unique approach which is very interesting for learners.

Prashant Pandey

Mechanical Engineer

Before joining this club, I felt very nervous, especially speaking in English but after joining this community I have confidence and I understood that we can speak and learn it easily.

Bhanu Singh

E-Compliance Manager

Dave is a very good Mentor and I have never seen such a polite Mentor, Passionate about the Growth of others, Focused and Helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to finish this EBook?

This EBook is designed with quick learning of 30-45 minutes. You can finish it in one day or in two days. It's up to you because it has on-demand reading flexibility.

2. When I will get the EBook access?

You will get immediate access as soon as you go to checkout, use the Free discount code and signup. You can read or download it from the learning portal.

3. How will this EBook help me as a reader?

This EBook is designed for young people and working professionals. It is a comprehensive guide that covers 11 major ways you to implement on a daily basis so that you can improve your communication skills. By downloading our ebook, you'll save time and money by avoiding trial and error and benefiting from our experience and expertise.

4. Does this EBook come with lifetime access?

This course comes with lifetime access. You can read it as many times as you want. You can download it on your laptop, mobile or tablet PC or you can read it from the learning portal as well.

5. Who should read this EBook?

This EBook is written for young executives and working professionals who are busy and have less time but need quality reading content. 

6. What is the format of an EBook?

This EBook covers the core concept of communication followed by more own a story of becoming a confident and fluent speaker. It has 11 ways and core success principles that will help you in learning.  

7. What kind of support I will get?

We have a dedicated VIP Facebook group to support you in this learning journey. You can connect with me via email as well. Usually, it takes 12-24 hours to reply by me and my team.  You will also get an additional bonus as a live masterclass. Links to that masterclass will be shared with you timely in the group.

8. Is this EBook Free for a lifetime?

This EBook is Free to download. Next year it might be paid so you may lose the opportunity to get it absolutely Free. So do not wait, download it now.

9. Is there any additional bonus for students?

We believe in helping you in all possible ways. We are focused on community-based career-oriented learning. We will be so happy to serve you as our valuable community member. Yes, you will also get additional bonuses with this course like, our exclusive course "Communication Blueprint Course", "5 Days English Confidence Bootcamp", Lifetime access to our VIP Group, and Live Masterclass especially designed for new learners. All bonuses you will get in the form of courses.

10. How it is different from other online Books?

Sure, we would love to answer this. Most of the EBooks are 5-10 pages short and based on very basic knowledge when it comes to Free courses. With this EBook, you get amazing bonuses which are usually paid in other online portals. Also, you will become part of Our community which is India's fastest-growing community of confident communicators - The Communication Club®. Check our website - thecommunicatinclub.in.

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